If you’re looking for carpet steam cleaning, also known as hot water extraction, in Christchurch, it’s very important to get the job done right.

When done well, carpet steam cleaning is one of the most effective and thorough methods of cleaning your carpets without leaving them soaking wet for days afterwards. At Total Floor Care we have state of the art professional carpet steam cleaning machinery that ensures the maximum amount of water is extracted from your carpets during cleaning so that your home & commercial carpet is dry in hours!

Carpet Steam Cleaning – 4 Steps to Cleaner Carpets
The hot water extraction cleaning system or steam cleaning system as most consumers know it as, is the first choice in many of various types of carpet cleaning systems. There is no other sure fire cleaning system for carpets that pretty much guarantee a 100% soil removal result after cleaning. There have been many types of dry, encapsulation and dry compound powder cleaning systems to push the convenience of a “quick drying” carpet cleaning process, but steam cleaning is hands down the most effective when it comes to a cleaner, healthier and fresher smelling carpet on completion of cleaning.

The heat that is generated and passed through the solution tank and into the carpeted areas will disinfect and sanitise even the filthiest carpets. When Steam Cleaning is done correctly, the drying time can be as little as 3 to 6 hours.

Dry Vacuum – Carpet Steam Cleaning Step 1

The first step in the carpet cleaning process is the dry vacuuming process. This is a very important step in the carpet cleaning system to remove all the dry particle soil initially present in the carpet pile before steam cleaning. In this process the carpet cleaner removes the dry particulate soil that actually represents approximately 75 to 80% of the dirt that is present in your carpet. Hard to believe, but true. It can all be removed in this initial dry vacuum process using one of our motorised power head industrial vacuum cleaners.

It is important to vacuum your carpets regularly to improve the overall lifespan of your carpet by reducing the “wear and tear” factor that comes with soil abrasion. The soil abrasion is from particulate soiling in carpet that has not been vacuumed out and is cutting into carpet fibres by general foot traffic and causing traffic lane wear and tear. We always advise our clients to ensure they have a high grade vacuum cleaner that carries a Hepa filter to help with sufferers of allergies in the home or workplace.

Pre Spray – Carpet Steam Cleaning Step 2
Our technician will initially apply a pre spray shampoo to the carpet pile and leave to dwell for approximately 10 -15 minutes for maximum soil suspension and to also crystallize the particles to the surface of the carpet pile.

Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction) – Carpet Steam Cleaning Step 3
Hot solution at 110 degrees centigrade containing an emulsifier rinse is then injected into the carpet pile under mild pressure and the dirt is then completely suspended followed by a simultaneous vacuum extraction that lifts the dirt out and also any excess moisture. In some cases it is important for the carpet cleaner to apply protective squares or coasters under furniture to prevent the furniture from damage or leaving marks after the carpet dries. Total Floor Care always use an emulsifier rinse in our hot solution to ensure there is no surface tension when our solutions are injected into the carpet. This ensures that no detergent residue is left behind that can cause rapid re-soiling. Rapid re-soiling is the cause for many customer complaints because consumers feel that their carpet wasn’t cleaned properly in the first place and that’s why it looks dirty again so quickly. Emulsifier and Acid rinses are just as important as using the proper pre spray detergent when cleaning carpets. You will not believe how many companies don’t use it at all.

Carpet Deodorise and Grooming – Carpet Steam Cleaning Step 4
Total Floor Care will apply a sanitising deodoriser to ensure a fresh overall feel and smell to your finished job. The sanitiser also helps with ensuring that all microbial or bacterial material that may have been present in the carpet is now gone by breaking down any bio organisms that may have been present. This can be from, vomit, pet urine, faeces, spilt cultured food products or any type of organic matter. Our technician will then groom the carpet to set the pile for quick and faster drying using a carpet groomer. The grooming of carpet is an important final step in ensuring that carpet piles are left as open as possible to ensure maximum airflow distribution for a quick drying result and that the consumer is not inconvenienced with having to wait lengthy periods for carpet to dry.