We use the same multi-stage cleaning techniques for upholstery that are so successful on carpets.

Fabric colours will brighten, spots and stains will vanish, and your furniture will be dry and ready to use in a matter of hours.

Total Floor Care specialises in professional upholstery cleaning on a large variety of different types of furnishings.

Our carpet / upholstery cleaning is renowned for our fast drying times and protection applications when it comes to all types of furniture. Please talk to us about a Protection Package that will fortify and keep your upholstery looking great for years.


Mattress Cleaning

Most people don’t realize that it’s unhealthy to sleep on a mattress infested with millions of DUST MITES and muck
Mattresses should be cleaned every year to reduce the colonies of DUST MITE residing deep within your mattress. Single mattresses have been found to contain up to 200 grams of dust (mixture of organic & inorganic materials) as well as bacteria, viruses and fungal spores – all of which can cause ill-affects and allergies in humans.
Obtain immediate symptom relief when a bed has been completely cleaned and treated by our Mattress Cleaning System, results are often seen within the first three days and often during the first night! Imagine getting a good night’s sleep—tonight!